Tuesday, February 1

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Sunday, November 7

study week for student

after done with 14 week of study a university student will have one week break to study n prepare for  final exam. every university in Malaysia have this same concept. but not all the university student will make use their study week very well. the truth fact is, a student will only know everything wat they learn for one semester, a day before their final exam paper start. its so amazing to know that the student manage to study everything they learn in ONE NIGHT!!!! usually a study week are for one week. but most of them take that one week as holiday to go back home, hangout with fren, dating and wasting time and relaxing. for me i really did enjoy my study week. i went for charity walk, watched movie, hangout with frens. plus during study week u will stay up just to finishing all assignment that due date before the final exam start. most of university student really LOVE to do last minute work n study. same as me.  i only study for 5 hours during the study week. LOL. im such a lazy bump. but its true that u cant force urself to study if u dunt have the mood to do so. as for me i really dunt have the mood to study during the study week. instead, i prefer to relaxing and sleeping. then right now im staying up to cover all the chapter for tomorrow morning paper. hopes i manage to make it on time. hehe.


Thursday, November 4

we plan, God decide.

imagined when u were young kid. u plan to study until the university. getting in a university was something big for every people. but when u enter it, u found it a place of freedom n its a place where u can screw ur life. lol. but i didnt screw my life during my study in UiTM Perlis though. but i found out its quite surprise when its true about
we humans just do the planning, our God decide whether it will work.
it happens to me where i make a perfect plan for my future life. here it is.

1) diploma in UiTM Arau - 3 year.
2) bachelor in UiTM Shah Alam - 2,1/2 year
3) master in oversea - 2 year
4) TOTAL = 7,1/2 years.

it was one perfect plan i did. plus, before i end my diploma, i already make plan to rent a house if i was enter UiTM Shah Alam. But it didnt work as i plan. Someone up there had make other plan for me. I was been been offered to study at UPM! Universiti Putra Malaysia. i never thought about studying there. because i was planning to continue my study just in UiTM along with my old buddies. but im the only one who didnt been offered to enter UiTM. gosh my plan ruin. for few days i became sooo down that i cant believe im not going to continue my study at UiTM anymore. i already create a social fren in UiTM. they are my very great fren. i know nobody in UPM! at last i just go. because i believe this is my god will and maybe there are some benefit if i enter UPM and it does!

Few fact bout UPM:
1) my dad had done his degree at UPM (maybe i continue his legacy?)
2) 2 of my uncle also graduated from UPM.
4) got lots of foreigners in UPM.

so it turn out well went i start studying UPM even though it take me 4 years to complete my degree.but in upm i got cool frens, great lecterurs (most of them got phd and professor), frenly collagemates, awesome basketball frens and UPM is a great place. so i had make few changes for my future plan. and i really hope it will work out with god wills.

here my future plan:
1) get a scholarship!
2) score every sem to get first class degree.
3) if i can get first class degree, i can skip master and do PHD!
4) one day my name would be 'DR.MOHD ARIF BIN PROF.DR.JAMAL' HOW COOL IS THAT!!!

that it for now. its good for us to plan for our life. but always remember. our god is the one who decide wether it will work it or not. so pray a lot fellas!!

2011 are coming

whaddup! gosh its been like almost a year i haven't post anything in my blog. 2010 really pass by fast. 2011 are coming in few weeks. according to my last post i am going to update my story here. seems i haven't had any time to do so. gosh life can be busy even though u are doing nothing. well its time to get back to blogging and had fun writing bout my life. so one day when i am turn out 60 or plus plus, i can read those post back n remember all those moment i had. yeah!!!!


Wednesday, January 6

oH crap! its 2010 already

heyy heyy wassup old. fucking shit. i havent update this blog for ages. and it 2010 already. got lots of thing for me to share wat happen in the end of last year. ok need to get up bear! stop hibernating. LETS START THE STORY BACK!!! OOOOOYEAAAA!!!!!

Tuesday, December 22